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Here is Why the Trenchless Sewer Repair Method Is Becoming More Popular

There is a huge difference in the manner in which sewer systems were constructed in the past as compared to nowadays. Traditionally, sewer systems were constructed by digging up trenches and laying up the pipework to form the complete system. In case any pipe in the system burst or broke, it rendered the whole system dysfunctional. And since repair and replacement wouldn’t be possible without excavating a significant portion of the system and damaging some overlying structures in the process. But these days, it is not necessary to do all these. Trenchless sewer systems have been manufactured that are way better than their predecessors. The trenchless sewer repair involves the digging of only two access holes from which the broken part can be accessed and replaced. This mode of sewer system repair has numerous advantages as compared to the usual method of digging and replacing the pipe network. Here are some advantages associated with this method.

If you decide to go with the trenchless sewer system repair, you will end up incurring costs that are relatively lower than the traditional repair method. You won’t have to do much digging when you select to use this approach. This definitely means that you will need fewer workers to restore the system to its original state because of the less work involved. This will naturally translate to lower costs.

This system of sewer line repair is also fast and very effective. Sewer systems are responsible for hiding from the human eye waste that would be very unpleasant if exposed. Rapid spread of infections, as well as a bad smell accompanying the waste, are associated with the breakage or damage of pipes of the sewer system. As such, there will be need to quickly repair the system so as to remove this possibility. This is only possible with the trenchless sewer repair method, which will accomplish the objective in record time.

Additionally, very minimal destruction of property will result from use of this method. Sometimes the sewer pipes are constructed to run underneath buildings, fences, garages or even lawns and gardens. Digging trenches to unearth the lines will therefore mean the destruction of such property. But trenchless repair leaves these structures intact.

The use of the trenchless approach to sewer repair will eliminate the need to replace damaged equipment. Least disturbance of overlying structure will mean that there are less of those to replace. This is because the repair work may either involve passing the replacement pipe through the old one and aligning them together, or bursting the old pipe with the new one. Hence any overlying structure will essentially remain undisturbed and standing in its place.

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